Dear friends,

We are pleased to welcome you to Kazan - the capital of Tatarstan, the city with a millennium-long history, one of the oldest cities of our country!

On behalf of our team, I would like to thank you for your interest in the information coverage of the World Fencing Championship which is hosted by Kazan.

Our main task is to broadcast the Championship worldwide as new legends, victories and names will be born here that will be long remembered and talked about.

Director General of the ANO "Executive Directorate for Sports Projects"
Azat Kadyrov

If you are a journalists or photographers who want to apply for your press accreditation to the Kazan 2014 World Fencing Championships, please register to Ophardt system completing the following steps:

  • click on the following link and select Registration (New User);
  • fill in the application form, choosing your Username (you must enter a valid E-mail address) and Password;
  • open the E-mail which Ophardt system sent to your E-mail address and click on the confirmation link;
  • insert the Username and Password chosen at the moment of registration to login;
  • select the event "World Fencing Championship Kazan 2014";
  • follow the instructions and send the information requested. Your accreditation request is now completed.

If you already have your own Ophardt access credentials, please simply complete the following steps:

  • insert your Ophardt Username and Password to login;
  • select the event "World Fencing Championships Kazan 2014";
  • follow the instructions and send the information requested. Your accreditation request is now completed.

For any further information or help, please contact:
Press Office "Kazan 2014"

Categories of the media and access to the areas

All journalists who have passed the accreditation procedure are assigned to corresponding categories, which define their rights to access the venue based on the authorization matrices developed by the FIE.

During the Kazan 2014 World Fencing Championship, representatives of the media and broadcasting companies are assigned the following categories, which have corresponding abbreviations on the accreditation badge:

  • PR = Press
  • PH=Photographer
  • NR= Non right holders
  • TVR= Radio/Television

The access zones are the following:

  • 4 = press area (press center, conference hall, press tribunes and mixed zone)
  • 5 = public area

Depending on whether they belong to group A or B, photographers also get access to the venue photo positions along the perimeter of the competition site and in the stands.

Those journalists who has not registered in time must apply for a day pass, which is to be accepted at Kazan from both sides (FIE and LOC).

How to get an accreditation badge?

In order to get an accreditation badge, accredited journalists need to attend the Accreditation Centre in person. Each media representative is required to present an identity document (only the document which was used when completing the application form for accreditation can be presented).

Address: Tennis Academy, 101 Orenburgsky Trakt St., Kazan, 1st floor

Actions in case of loss, theft or damage of the badge

In the case of loss or damage of the accreditation badge, a representative must immediately contact the Accreditation Centre and complete a corresponding application form.


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